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BelleVille: Book 2

"A New American Classic.

BelleVille is a beautifully written, historical fiction novel about the inhabitants of a southern plantation, their fortunes and misfortunes, loves and losses.

The story, told through the various voices of the richly developed characters, takes you through an uplifting albeit often heartbreaking journey from the War of 1812 to the Civil War, and beyond.

This stunning tapestry of poetic prose and inspiring heroic determination is very hard to put down."

-- Victoria Infante, Muncie, IN

"A wonderful read that will remind you of Margaret Mitchell's "Gone With the Wind." This is an exciting chronicle of the people who lived at BelleVille Plantation, an epic tale told by a skilled storyteller."

-- Anonymous

BelleVille: Book 1

"Honestly, reading Lura Gorman's BelleVille was a thrill. I truly did feel that I was holding the next great Civil War epic in my hands!

This book has everything - from a 14 year old girl, a [former] slave at that, being placed into the untenable position of having to take charge of a plantation to the realistic scene in which the women lay on the floor of the balcony and defend their home and their lives from the [bushwackers].

There was no black and white in BelleVille; there was simply one people working together to save this beautiful old plantation they all loved.

If BelleVille does not get picked up by an important Hollywood producer, I will be shocked. And, this was only Book One! I can't wait to get my hands on Book Two!"

-- Peg Gregory, West Palm Beach, FL

Two Cups on My Table Series

Two Cups on My Table: Book 1

"I was taken after the first few pages. Very well written!! Such a smooth flow for reading. I look forward to more from this author. If it comes out in paper back, I will get a copy and read again. Im still not hooked on electronic books. I'm a bit 'old school.'

My compliments to the Author: Lura Gorman!"

-- Bill, Key West, FL

Two Cups on My Table: Book 2

"This is Book Two in Lura Gorman's wonderful romance series. Can't wait to see if she has more books to come."

-- Anonymous